Fleet Management

About Track and Manage Your Vehicle PortfolioFleet Management is a software solution from ARCHIBUS Solution Center Romania, which allows you to record and track a specific vehicle or a group of vehicles. This solution can be easily added to any Archibus project. ...


About Saving Lives by SatelliteSILLE provides early disaster warning with satellite radar ground motion detection. SILLE keeps citizens safe with frequent, cost-effective infrastructure monitoring.SILLE FeaturesComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.VendorAS Datel AS...


About Smart Facility Issue Reporting1) Simplified Facility Collaboration 2) Collaborate on-field issues in real-time 3) Maximize your field staff productivityFieldFeeds FeaturesComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.VendorIntone Networks, Inc Established in 2003 in the...
IoT solutions for Smart Buildings

IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings

About Experience Counts as Much as KnowledgeThe ARCHIBUS IoT solutions for Smart Buildings have been designed based on knowledge acquired in optimization projects of developed spaces in the last 30 years. Every day, clients use ARCHIBUS' excellent capabilities to...

Workplace Tracking

About Wasted Space is a Needless ExpenseArchibus Workplace Tracking is a scalable solution that allows customers to analyze crucial data about workplace space utilization with detail and precision never before possible. In a moment where maximum efficiency in space...

Graphical Workflow Engine

About Define, Design and GoGraphical Workflow Engine (GWE) add-on solution offers a graphical process designer tool to manage the entire workflow lifecycle without any coding. From design, SLA definitions, push escalation notifications to control workflow heatmaps....

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Many Archibus Business Partners have created custom-made solutions for their clients that act as Archibus modules. It is very likely that there are many more businesses in the world who would want to use those solutions as well. And the respective Business Partner should be rewarded for their work.

We are merchandising these custom-made modules and allowing Business Partners to share their client tested and ready-to-use solutions globally.



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