Define, Design and Go

Graphical Workflow Engine (GWE) add-on solution offers a graphical process designer tool to manage the entire workflow lifecycle without any coding. From design, SLA definitions, push escalation notifications to control workflow heatmaps.

GWE reduces the effort of implementing changes in workflows and leverages process optimization using an intuitive graphical wizard for all activities and management views.

Graphical Workflow Engine add-on is developed by ARCHIBUS Solution Center – Romania.

Graphical Workflow Engine


Graphical Drag & Drop Workflow Business

Process Designer

On the fly creation of Events, Actions, Roles and Push Notifications

Graphical visualization of Request Status

Workflow Dashboards

Multiple SLAs definition for different Initial and Final Statuses

SLA Escalation Highlights

Tickets Archiving

Workflow Heatmap for Bottlenecks monitoring

And more...

Implementation instructions

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Technical Requirements

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Archibus Solution Center Romania

Founded in 2007, ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Romania leads the Integrated Workspace Management System market in Romania. Currently, the company is responsible for ARCHIBUS Business Development and Support for Romania and the entire region, comprising: TURKEY, BULGARIA, SERBIA, CROATIA, AUSTRIA, HUNGARY, MOLDAVIA, SLOVENIA, MACEDONIA, KOSOVO, BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA, GREECE.

If you manage real-estate projects, properties, commercial centers or you are responsible with Corporate Space Planning, Facility Management, Maintenance of building and equipment or Sustainability and Risk Management, ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Romania can provide you with an effective tool to reach your strategic objectives.

Graphical Workflow Engine


No programming needed for workflow definitions and updates

Enhances standard ARCHIBUS functionalities by customizing new processes, SLAs or push notifications

Increases customer satisfaction and retention

Analyzes process execution, duration, bottlenecks and decides actions to optimize the workflows

Reduces errors in process definition by using automation tools

Reduces implementation cost

Set-up fees and Monthly prices can be found in the ASCHS Customer Portal

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