Experience Counts as Much as Knowledge

The ARCHIBUS IoT solutions for Smart Buildings have been designed based on knowledge acquired in optimization projects of developed spaces in the last 30 years.

Every day, clients use ARCHIBUS’ excellent capabilities to improve the performance of their spaces, increase their income and, above all, make good substantiated decisions that positively impact productivity and portfolio optimization estate.

IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings


Handling space planning and occupation management through IoT technologies integrated into your organization

Adaptable reports and dashboards

Real-time analysis of the use of space

And more...

Implementation instructions

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Technical Requirements

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Archibus Solution Center Spain

ARCHIBUS Solution Center Spain is part of the global network of ARCHIBUS Solution Centers (ASCs) and is dedicated exclusively to the Marketing of ARCHIBUS in Spain, the world’s leading IWMS software company.

The ARCHIBUS Solution Center Network offers a complete set of professional services that, in addition to guaranteeing the correct implementation of ARCHIBUS software, allows for a comprehensive and holistic solution that helps to size, plan and manage the real estate portfolio, improve efficiency in the use and exploitation of spaces, equipment and other resources, and integrate the service providers into daily operations.

IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings


Reduce the ecological footprint of your organization

Adapt your leasing contracts to the real needs of your organization

Increase the comfort and productivity of your employees by resizing and/or reconfiguring your workspace (offices, open floor positions, meeting rooms meeting, etc.) according to the employee's experience

Determine the effective use of reserved or assigned spaces for each organizational unit

Monitor restricted spaces

Ensure compliance with occupancy limits

Predict future workspace needs from the analysis of the evolution of space occupation

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