Wasted Space is a Needless Expense

Archibus Workplace Tracking is a scalable solution that allows customers to analyze crucial data about workplace space utilization with detail and precision never before possible.

In a moment where maximum efficiency in space utilization is required, it is absolutely necessary to have precise data about actual space utilization. Only from reliable data, it is possible to plan and implement continuous management of the corporate workplace space.

Workplace Tracking


Fetching and analyzing actual workplace utilization in real-time

Dashboards and analytical reports about space utilization within the organization

Wireless, light, compact and portable sensors monitoring space occupancy which gets transmitted to Archibus as raw occupancy data

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Implementation instructions

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Technical Requirements

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Archibus Solution Center Spain

ARCHIBUS Solution Center Spain is part of the global network of ARCHIBUS Solution Centers (ASCs) and is dedicated exclusively to the Marketing of ARCHIBUS in Spain, the world’s leading IWMS software company.

The ARCHIBUS Solution Center Network offers a complete set of professional services that, in addition to guaranteeing the correct implementation of ARCHIBUS software, allows for a comprehensive and holistic solution that helps to size, plan and manage the real estate portfolio, improve efficiency in the use and exploitation of spaces, equipment and other resources, and integrate the service providers into daily operations.

Workplace Tracking


Reduce your Real Estate footprint

Create a more productive workspace: space configuration according to its purpose and effective use.

Forecast the occupancy to plan your spaces

Track tendencies and the use of space which facilitates future planning for space needs

Protect, control, and track safe locations

Comply with the space occupancy limits: count precisely and in real-time to guarantee that spaces comply with capacity regulations.

Set-up fees and Monthly prices can be found in the ASCHS Customer Portal

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