Saving Lives by Satellite

SILLE provides early disaster warning with satellite radar ground motion detection.

SILLE keeps citizens safe with frequent, cost-effective infrastructure monitoring.



Satellite radar infrastructure monitoring

Global coverage

Early warning insight

Measurement data analyzed to assess structural health and technical condition

High accuracy measurement comparable to geodetics

And more...

Implementation instructions

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Technical Requirements

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AS Datel

AS Datel is one of the oldest and largest Estonian-owned IT enterprises. The company’s strength lies in its vast experience in the field of information system and software development, as well as that of IT hardware and presentation technology. Clients are offered end-to-end solutions – from the purchase of the equipment to software hosting. During its 29 years of operation, Datel has made life easier and simpler for many Estonians by creating numerous Estonian e-state services.

In 2013, Datel established a subsidiary in the U.S. Our clients include government and municipal agencies, defense agencies, research facilities, commercial undertakings, financial and cultural institutions and non-profit organizations that need high-quality and reliable products, and professional and comprehensive solutions.



Frequent updates. Regular and reliable ground movement information.

Prioritization. Consistent monitoring for more effective maintenance planning.

Historical analysis. Quality assurance of maintenance and repair work.

Inspect areas with no need to stop traffic or use a tripod.

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