Connect your Archibus project to BRUCE

Connect your Archibus project to BRUCE Platform to reap all its benefits and manage seamless communication between all stakeholders.

1) Structured information and/or transactions

2) All involved parties’ information is synchronized and informed

3) All transactions made through are legally enforced: authenticated and signed when sent and received (accepted by the receiver),  time-stamped and immutable (Blockchain for Business), handled with a global standard language.

Bruce Connector



Free open source Gateway, which will provide integration and registration of any system/device in BRUCE Platform, giving access to:

    • Identity Management System
    • Ecosystem management: Access & Roles by Contracts
    • Secure Infrastructure for Connectivity
    • Transactions and Processes Management

Free DIY Connector technology to map your existing system with BRUCE Platform


Premium Gateway for high-performance environments

Connector/Interface with commercial IWMS/CAFM software to be delivered and installed on-site

Analytics that permit access to benchmarking and analytical information from the members of BRUCE Platform (Note that this system is based on technology which doesn’t reveal the original data source)

Identity certification & timestamping transactions

Implementation instructions

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Technical Requirements

Coming soon.


ARHIBUS Hosting Services

ARCHIBUS Hosting Services offers certified hosting for ARCHIBUS Cloud. We are a part of the global network of ARCHIBUS Solution Centers, which were established as a program of business advisers, IT consultants and solution providers to serve clients and other ARCHIBUS Business Partners around the world.

Bruce Connector


Keep asset information accurate in a safe, easy and synchronized way.

All the systems of all the different parties will have automated information exchange during the whole buildings’ and properties’ life cycle.

Have quick access to customer asset data for specific work purposes, as well as maintain and track your own relevant information on a safe, automatically synchronized common platform, which allows accurate and protected data exchange with all involved parties.

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