Archibus Cloud single sign-on

SSO is one of ARCHIBUS Cloud’s simple powerful features, which can be easily integrated into any project.

Archibus single sign-on can be integrated with the most frequently used identity service technologies of the end client:

  • Microsoft ADFS 
  • Oracle Identity Federation
  • Shibboleth IDP

Any other ad-hoc integration is available upon request.

Archibus Cloud SSO


Access multiple applications using one set of credentials

Implementation instructions

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Technical Requirements

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ARHIBUS Hosting Services

ARCHIBUS Hosting Services offers certified hosting for ARCHIBUS Cloud. We are a part of the global network of ARCHIBUS Solution Centers, which were established as a program of business advisers, IT consultants and solution providers to serve clients and other ARCHIBUS Business Partners around the world.

Archibus Cloud SSO


Increased Security

Users are less likely to write their passwords down, repeat them across applications, create simple or commonly used passwords, or revert to other poor practices. As a result, the organization will have better success in enforcing strong and effective password policies.

Increased productivity

SSO minimizes the time users spend dealing with password-related frustrations since users only need to remember and enter a single set of credentials.

Decreased number of tickets sent to the IT department to reset the password.

While resetting passwords may seem simple, they are very inefficient and take up valuable time for both the employees and the helpdesk.

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